Brothers' Keeper


Restoring hope and dignity since 1986

Future Goals‚Äč

Our future goal is to upgrade our services to include the list below and to have the capacity to expand our outreach community programs and so much more!

Our immediate goals are:

-- Restore full-service laundry on premises

-- Restore website

Our long term goals are:

-- Establish client fitness center

-- Establish an urban garden on vacant land owned by Brothers' Keeper, Inc.

-- Become self-supporting

Community Outreach Program

We are not only a shelter for men, but we offer outreach to the community at large. We do this to help those that are of less fortunate status and assist the Seniors' with a work site via American Association of Retired Persons.

Listed below are the following services:

-- Soup Kitchen

-- Food Pantry (USDA Food Distributor)

-- Clothes Bank

-- Resale Shop

-- Recycle Program

-- Community Service Work Site

-- Senior Aid Work Site

-- Wireless Internet/Computer Stations

"A Shelter For Homeless Men"

In the early 1980's, the Gary Rescue Mission closed its doors to the homeless men of Gary, Indiana. Seeing a need to continue this mission, the late Rev. James A. Anderson, along with his congregation, other churches, communities, organizations, and concerned citizens took on this challenge.

Brothers' Keeper, Inc. opened on March 16, 1986, at the present location, 2120 Broadway Avenue, in Gary. This building was renovated with the help of local churches, businesses, the City of Gary, and FEMA. Rev. Anderson was the Pastor of Washington Street Church of God. His vision was to provide adequate shelter for those in need. It was also important to him that the men were taught to take care of themselves and to live productive lives.

The legacy of the late Rev. Anderson is presently being carried on by the current Executive Director, Mary M. Edwards, Brothers' Keeper staff of nine employees, Board of Directors, Women's Auxiliary, along with a host of churches, foundations, and concerned citizens. Mrs. Edwards' loving and compassionate staff are a unique group of individuals. Their ages range from 50 to over 70 years young. 

The shelter is a Not-For-Profit Organization (501c3) and can accommodate 25 men. We are a non-partisan, non-denominational faith based organization. Clients are referred to Brothers' Keeper by hospitals, local and state law enforcement, township trustee offices, love ones, and friends.

Please remember, we are our brother's keeper!