Our Mission

At Brothers' Keeper, Inc., our mission is to motivate and empower the men we assist to become healed of various social ills so that they can be self sufficient through a holistic approach...

24 Bed Sleeping Accommodations

Two Meals A Day + Snacks 7 Days A Week



Information & Referral Services

Limited Medical Care

And More...

December 23 - WLTH Radio & 

​NIPSCO Radiothon

services available

current and upcoming  activities

We are our brothers' keeper.

Helping to build personal sustainability and to return men to work and to their families

Brothers' Keeper, Inc. is a shelter for homeless men that provides a variety of services to those in need in the city of Gary, Indiana, and surrounding areas. The building is located on the corner of 21st Avenue and Broadway. 



WA Buffalo Soldiers Motor Cycle Ride & Picnic

WA - Golden Age Fashion Show & Salad Bar

Brothers' Keeper